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Cinnamyl Acetate

Product Name:Cinnamyl Acetate
Appearance:Colorless  or light yellow liquid
Synonyms:3-Phenyl-2-propen-1-yl acetate; 3-Phenylallyl acetate
CAS No.:103-54-8
EINECS No.:203-121-9 
FEMA No.:2293
Beilstein No.:2046000
COE No.:208
JECFA No.:650
Fl. No.:09.018
Molecular Formula:C11H12O2 
Structural formula:

Molecular Weight:176.21178
Assay:98.5% min
Boiling Point:264 to 265°C at 760mm Hg
Flash Point:> 212°F.  TCC  ( > 100°C. )
Refractive Index:1.539 to 1.544 at 20°C.
Density:1.055±0.06 g/cm3
Applications:Cinnamyl Acetate is mainly used in soap and daily cosmetic flavours.