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Distribution of sunscreens on skin

Source: Author:snaley Date:2011-8-25
The effectiveness of sunscreens was originally achieved by incorporation of soluble organic UV absorbers such as cinnamates and others into cosmetic formulations. Determinations of the sun protection factor (SPF) of emulsions containing different organic UV absorbers clearly indicate that the efficacy depends on the absorption characteristics of each single UV filter substance. Nowadays, micronised pigments such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide have also been found to be protective against harmful UV rays. Our investigations using optical and electron microscopy proved that neither surface characteristics, particle size nor shape of the micronised pigments result in any dermal absorption of this substance. Micronised titanium dioxide is solely deposited on the outermost surface of the stratum corneum and cannot be detected in deeper stratum corneum layers, the human epidermis and dermis.